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Road Map

-Digibyte Elf Society will launch on or before March 1, 2022. The proceeds from the first half of the wave 1 elves (2500 elves) will be donated to help further the Digibyte Community. 

25% will go to Matthew Cornelisse (Creator of, 12.5% will go to Digibyte Alliance (revision 12.5% will go to Jared Tate instead of Digibyte alliance) and 12.5% will go to Digiawareness team.

(revision 12.5% to Digifaucet, instead of Digibyte awareness team)

Wave 1

-First wave will consist of 1000 5/5 Digibyte Elves. 

-The first elf will have a floor price of 250 DGB and every time a first wave Digibyte elf is listed the floor price will move up 1 DGB. This means that after the first set of 1000 is listed the next set will start at around 1250 DGB.

-Ten Digibyte elves will be listed every day. (revision- will list new elfs at the same pace they are being bought. 

-Everyone who buys one of the first 250 elves will be entered in a draw to be air dropped Elf #1. 

-If you own 10 or more Digibyte elves you will qualify to be a

 Digibyte Elf Board member. 

-Board members will be able to contribute ideas that help the Digibyte Elf Society 

- ALL board members will be put in a spin to win contest and 1 board member will win an airdropped 1/1 elf after every 500 elves listed.


-  If you own 25 elves you will be in a drawing once a week to win an elf. (revision, with multiple people the free elfs will be given every couple months and will be evenly distributed.

- There will also be twitter spaces elf raids where participants will be given elf tokens that can be used to buy some 3/3 elves buy special items to make 1/1 elves at random times.



Wave 2

- Wave 2 will be all turning wave 1 into 1/1 elves. If you have all 5/5, all 3/3 or 2/2 you can turn them into 1/1s.

- also there will be special items that turn your 1/1 elf into a custom 1/1 

(it will be possible but very unlikely to have the same looking combo custom 1/1)

There can be no more than 5028 1/1 Digibyte elves.


Thank you for for your interest in Digibyte Elf Society.

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