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About Me

My name is Majestic Jay, an internationally known and collected artist renowned for my founding the first large NFT project on the Digibyte Blockchain. I prefer to remain anonymous online, but occasionally I step into the public eye to get a feel for my audience without revealing my identity.

My physical artworks are a modern interpretation of pointillism, which I've coined as pixelism. This innovative technique employs a spectrum of vivid colors to create compositions that radiate joy and excitement, drawing viewers into a delightful visual journey. Each piece encapsulates a celebration of creativity, aiming to spread positivity and spark imagination.

Through my art, I endeavor to evoke a sense of happiness and wonder, inviting viewers to explore realms of color and form that transcend conventional boundaries. My work is not merely about pixels on a screen or dots on a canvas; it's about crafting immersive experiences that resonate deeply with those who encounter them.

With a global presence in collections and exhibitions, I continue to push the boundaries of digital and traditional art, forging new paths in the ever-evolving landscape of creativity.

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