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Majestic Jay

Abstract Pixel Pop Artist

Majestic Jay is an NFT/Oil artist based in the USA, who prefers to remain pseudonymous. His real name and identity are unconfirmed and the subject of speculation. In addition to being an oil on canvas artist, he is also an enthusiastic supporter of DigiByte. His art style can be described as a fusion of pixel art and pop art, where he focuses on vibrant and colorful pixels. While some may argue that his work falls under the category of modern contemporary art, others feel that it carries a nostalgic throwback aesthetic. Majestic Jay's artistic journey began with the DigiByte Elf Society project, which holds historical significance as the first 1000+ pfp project on the DigiByte blockchain. Now, he has achieved another milestone by being the first artist to introduce an oil on canvas project on the Digibyte blockchain. Majestic Jay draws inspiration from renowned artists such as Larva Labs, Banksy, Paul Signac and Andy Warhol.

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