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Digiassetx: Unleashing the Power of NFTs on Digibyte - Revolutionizing Security and Accessibility!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Digiassetx is a standout NFT platform that is now open for use. What sets it apart and makes it the best?

Here are the reasons:

  1. No Gas Fees: Unlike other NFT platforms, Digiassetx on the Digibyte blockchain allows for minting, selling, and buying NFTs without any gas fees.

  2. Enhanced Security: Digiassetx is the most secure NFT platform thanks to Digi-ID. Digibyte, known for its robust security, combined with Digi-ID eliminates the need for usernames, passwords, and 2FA authentication. With public/private key cryptography, the risk of passwords or usernames being compromised is eliminated, ensuring protection for both consumers and the services they use.

  3. Built on Digibyte Blockchain: Digiassetx operates on the Digibyte blockchain, widely regarded as the most superior blockchain available. With its decentralized nature, exceptional security, and scalability due to low fees and fast transactions, the Digibyte blockchain stands out among decentralized blockchains.

However, Digibyte has its challenges. During interviews with other crypto enthusiasts familiar with Digibyte but not invested in it, a common concern raised was the lack of paid marketing. As a truly decentralized project, Digibyte did not have a large premine to fund influencer promotions, unlike many other coins and tokens. They emphasized that having superior blockchain technology is irrelevant if people are unaware of the project. Digiassetx aims to address this marketing gap for Digibyte. It has the potential to be a game-changer by leveraging NFTs. When individuals invest in an NFT project and use the NFT as their profile picture on social media, it piques curiosity and leads to engaging conversations about Digibyte. Word-of-mouth advertising through these conversation-starting NFTs proves to be the most effective marketing strategy. After all, NFT-capable blockchains owe their biggest conversion topics to NFTs themselves. The combination of Digiassetx and Digibyte presents an exciting opportunity for a promising future. It is something that anyone who believes in Digibyte, whether from a humanitarian perspective or as an investment opportunity, should actively participate in. If you're still reading this, I'm speaking directly to you—visit, start a project, or purchase an NFT to proudly showcase it on your social media. Let's join forces and contribute to Digibyte's full potential. We're at an early stage, so let's make a difference together.

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