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A Journey Through the World of Digibyte NFT Projects

Cryptocurrency and it’s complexities makes using the currency challenging for most, but as one gets use to the utility of autonomous coins by holding their own private keys and withdrawing coins from exchanges, it ultimately makes transacting easier overtime. Using cryptocurrency for its true intentions would make Satoshi the creator of Bitcoin proud. About 3% of the world owns cryptocurrency, but many still find the buying process to be complex and error prone—especially if one withdraws their cryptocurrency from exchanges. Most would agree that learning is easier when you are having fun. To gain competence, it’s best to learn about cryptocurrency’s real abilities. Just imagine being able to use cryptocurrency to buy fun collectables. These electronic collectables are called non-fungible tokens (NFT). There are many blockchains that allow for minting of collectables designed to last forever. These collectables also gives one the ability to transfer ownership in minutes. With so many use cases for NFTs, we are early to this industry as most people only use NFTs to sell art. NFTs can help ecosystems transact more efficiently like supply chains. You can even use NFTs as event tickets. These are just a few use cases for NFTs. Let’s get back to why NFTs are fun and explore some NFT projects on one of the world’s most secure blockchains. DigiByte is the longest UTXO blockchain in the world, and in fact, it’s probably the cheapest blockchain to mint NFTs. Let’s explore three NFT projects built on DigiByte blockchain’s DigiAssetX. DigiAssetX is a NFT platform that allows one to mint the latest version of DigiAssets for a fraction of what one might pay on some of the more popular blockchains like Ethereum. Cheaper minting directly on a real chain is the future of NFTs, and one might say DGB the symbol for DigiByte will be used more as more people gravitate to cheaper NFT alternatives. Qubit House, DigiByte Elves Society, and the comic book Cred are three serious NFT projects built on DGB.

DigiAssetX is a unique NFT platform. The creator Matthew has built a resilient and user friendly NFT platform. The platform allows users to mint verified NFTs, and sell them using smart contracts build directly on DGBs chain. All DigiAssetX transactions through the use of smart contracts are directly on chain. This means that transactions are automatic in a way with no third party involved charging obscene fees. All creators of DigiAssets on the DigiAssetX platform are require to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) registration which is verified by a third party named YOTI. Using DigiAssetX becomes easier as one starts to learn the minting process. To create and sell DigiByte NFTs which are called DigiAssets, all individuals are required to complete KYC as mentioned above. In fact there are some amazing NFT projects on the DGB Blockchain.

Qubit House named after one of the mining algorithms is a large NFT project minting on DigiAssetX. In fact, the creator plans to create 10,000 one of ones—this means 10,000 unique NFTs are going to be up for grabs. Owning a Qubit House NFT qualifies you for QCoin which is the utility token behind the Qubit House project. According to the project’s creator, the first 1,000 Qubit House NFTs will sell for about 100.00 USD and grant the purchaser 100 QCoin per purchase. Receiving 100 QCoin per purchase allows users to get their forth Qubit House NFT for free. The first 1,000 will also sell for 300 QCoin. Each Qubit House NFT comes with a unique quote. For an example Qubit House NFT #00041 quote reads “I want my children to have all the things I can’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.” In the future the project promises Deviants which are more gory and rude, merchandise for QCoin, and special NFT releases. Qubit House NFTs have sold for over 340,000 DGB—this lets us know this project is sizzling in value!

The DigiByte Elf Society is another large project minting on DigiAssetX. The creator of this project decided to allow users to mint their own one of one NFTs. In order to create a one of one NFT within the DigiByte Elf Society ecosystem, one must hold and elf and an accessory for example: an elf token and sword token can be combined to make an one of one which makes this project incredibly interesting to follow. The ecosystem of DigiByte elves will look different as more individuals mint one of one elf NFTs—this is sure to help the value of these collectables appreciate overtime. This project is also reinvesting in the DigiByte Blockchain with promised donations to the DigiByte Alliance and support of the DigiByte Faucet which helps spreads awareness of DigiByte by allowing users to test out the technology.

Probably the most unique project on DigiAssetX is the CRED comic book series. The comic books Galactic CRED and a the Collective both have awesome story lines. These comic books also have voice, music, and sound effects making reading along fun and eventful. Not only are these comic books fun and interactive, they also help users accumulate CRED Token which can be used at a private store only available to CRED Token holders. If you hold the Galactic CRED comic book, you will earn one free CRED Token monthly. These tokens give you access to exclusive tokens and NFTs.

These three projects Qubit House, DigiByte Elf Society, and the CRED comic book series have really shined a light on how robust DigiAssets can be. There is uniqueness in minting NFTs on a proof-of-work UTXO blockchain, and DigiByte provides a platform that will allow NFT artist to thrive. With low minting and transactions fees, a completely decentralized meta data catalyst like DigiAssetX is ready to thrive like many of the other NFT platforms like Open Sea. Artist will bring their art to the DigiByte Blockchain because it’s the fairest UTXO around, on top of being criminally undervalued and cheap to purchase

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