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3 Compelling Reasons to Own a DigiByte Elf NFT

Here are three good reasons to consider buying a DigiByte Elf:

  1. Strong Collectible Option:

  • Historical Significance: The DigiByte Elf society was the first to create a collection of over 1000 profile pictures (PFPs) on the DigiByte blockchain. I’m 99% sure that it is the first on any UTXO Proof of Work blockchain as well, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, with a total of 5018 unique elves.

  1. Raising DigiByte Awareness:

  • Unique Social Sharing Digital Art: DigiByte NFTs often feature distinctive and visually appealing digital art. When you buy and display these NFTs, you can help bring attention to DigiByte within the larger NFT and cryptocurrency communities. Sharing your DigiByte NFT on social media can introduce more people to DigiByte and encourage them to explore the DigiByte blockchain.

  • Engagement with the Community: Owning a DigiByte NFT can lead to active participation in the DigiByte community. You can join discussions, events, and promotions related to DigiByte, which further spreads awareness about the project.

  1. Supporting Development:

  • Funding NFT Projects: Half of the proceeds from the first 2500 elf NFTs are reinvested in development, supporting projects like Renzo's and Matthew's efforts.

In summary, purchasing a DigiByte ELF NFT can be a way to raise awareness about DigiByte, contribute to the development of the ecosystem, and acquire a collectible item that offers personal enjoyment and potential future value appreciation.

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